Where to begin?


Utter chaos is how I would describe my life these days. It seems like my vacation in Thailand was several months ago but in all actuality was only 3 weeks ago. I have yet to get back into my routine and I  feel very worn down and tired at the end of each day. I don't see my load lightening up anytime soon so I better adjust and find my new comfort zone. In short here is what is happening and not happening since my return to the States:

  1. Work has been super busy lately. My days seem to start at 6 and I don't get home till 8. I have 7 videos to produce (so far completed 1 almost 2). 
  2. Woke up with blood all over my sheets and me. My poor puppy had both of her eardrums bust :( She goes back to the vet Friday. Trying to make sure she doesn't lose her hearing.
  3. Frisbee every Saturday since I returned doesn't give me any free days off plus we have our big tournament this weekend.
  4. My brother made it into the Fire Department Academy and we are attending his breakfast initiation.
  5. I need to file my income tax.
  6. Get my car fixed since I got hit by a motorcycle before I left.
  7. No longer working out. Major downer. I need my endorphin's.
  8. Not sleeping. Although I think this is just how it is going to be going forward.
  9. Needing to sort through my closet and prepare for spring.
With all of this going on and not going on I think I am starting to get sick. Nothing that a simple day at home with a book and tea wont fix though. Here is hoping that this weekend and this coming week bring a little more balance and tranquility into my life.

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