Building a Home.


I have owned my home for almost a year now. The only decorating that has been done has been done with the help and guidance of my mother. She has fabulous taste that reflects my own and I have relied on that taste for 29 years. The thing I face now is, how do I trust my own eye and intuition?

I've managed to not really process the fact that I own this home and therefore can create the spaces we desire without repercussions or judgement. I fear that my house won't be as wonderful as my mom could make it and that it will end up looking ridiculous. Silly, I know. I just want to be proud of my house and even more than that I want it to feel like a representation of Alex and I as individuals and as a couple. A home. Our home.

I have a Pinterest board full of ideas and plans, just to chicken shit (and poor) to implement them. But I'm beginning to find my confidence one small decision at a time. Right now, we're focusing on the yard, landscaping and Alex's work-space. It helps that I can Face-time my mom and most of the choices I make she seems to agree with. Meaning maybe I inherited some of that great taste of hers. 

I plan to to post the journey of our house as it happens, starting from the beginning. Stay tuned with bated breathe.

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