Life Lately.


Listening: to my Mood playlist on Spotify. Perfectly fitting as of late. It is the right amount of relaxing with a hint of rap and rock. 

Reading: What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell. A book we will be discussing in my church group. Hearing perspectives from an older generation, most of whom have lost a loved one, on religion is fascinating. This is not a typical read.

Doing: fall cleaning. Making sure all the plants are watered and the lawn looks nice. Cleaning up after our cats who have decided they hate us and peeing on dog beds is the perfect revenge. Also, trying to tackle the never ending pile of laundry.

Playing: ultimate frisbee, soccer, and kickball. Because playing just one sport is boring.

Hating: the fact that I feel like I am incapable of making friends. Lately, I have been left wondering if I am a hard person to be friends with. Am I mean? Am I too mouthy?Am I too talkative?  Seriously, why won't people befriend me? Loneliness sucks.

Loving: a mini working vacation to Savannah this weekend. I get to see the parental units and maybe bring back some cool items from my brother's house that he is selling. Also getting to show Alex around Savannah which will be interesting since Hurricane Matthew showed up last week.

Preparing: to get my life together. I am 30 now, turns out it just doesn't happen overnight at a certain age you actually have to work at it. Bummer.

Feeling: overwhelmed and grateful. My list of goals and things to tackle keeps piling up leaving me frazzled. But I've been feeling extra grateful to have Alex in my life. We make a pretty great team and I am excited to see how we handle the future and kids. These next few years are going to be a roller coaster.

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