Yes, it's true. I'm guilty. Guilty of being one of those people who hit up the gym for their New Year's resolutions. You know, the one all the regular attending gym folk hate. Fret not fellow gym goers, I am not at the gym to get my old rocking body back, although that will happen (watch out boys). The reason I am going is to prepare for my vacation in May. It wont be a leisurely vacation where I am flaunting my bikini bod but instead it will be a hike up a mountain. What mountain you might ask? Macchu Pichu. The goal is to not spend my vacation sucking wind all the way to the top. What I want is to be able to enjoy all the beautiful scenery that Peru has to offer, while simultaneously looking good. What can I say, mixed motives. The point, get used to seeing my red, puffy face at the gym working up a mean sweat.

This is what I hope to look like when I'm climbing Macchu Pichu.

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