Karma really didn't register in my life till my 20's and now it only occurs to me when shit hits the fan. Terrible. However, this year I have been trying exceptionally hard to be a better me. I think my plan has back fired. I now believe I might be experiencing bad karma because lord knows I am not fooling anyone with this charade and might as well just be myself.  I am currently taking this energy and channeling it into a positive outlook and focusing on the good things - like

  • I am employed
  • I live in a cute house
  • My dogs are in good health
  • I am in decent health
  • I have good friends
  • My family is healthy
  • Little daily accomplishes
  • Laughing
Things get better it's just the roller coaster of life, I get it. But man, the saying "when it rains it pours" is hitting a little too close to home these days. 

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