Things to Come.


I am so unprepared.

Theodore had surgery Wednesday and I have taken him to the vet everyday since. Staying up till 4 am with my baby who cant tell me what is wrong is draining.

Sunday I leave on a work trip for a week in Vegas.

Found out I am going to SXSW last minute. Getting everything changed under my name and figuring out what all I want to attend is a bit daunting for my first time out there. 

Found out I can run the last leg of this race with my brother. Can I even do that, calves?

Might have to push back my Macchu Picchu trip to support my brother.

Exhausted trying to keep friends happy. Shit happens and I am doing the best I can.

Excited about surprises I have planned. Getting to work on that tomorrow!

Deciding that being a small one man production team is maybe something I should actually look into and push myself to become better at. Here is hoping script writing, story-boarding, pitching concepts, filming, editing, and uploading is the right direction for me.

I need to keep telling myself to: Stay focused. You have got this.

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