New Habits.


Sit, quietly, focus on your breathe; let all your thoughts drift away. Maintain this sense of calm. In, out, repeat.

Quieting my mind is not an easy task. In fact, I am terrible at it. This is why after attempting to meditate in my house, where dogs and boyfriends forget what quiet time means, I switched my game plan. I joined a local community center gym for, get this, $30 a year. This is not a fully equipped gym but does have what I need to complete my Jillian Michael workout interval training. Every day I run one mile to the gym, work out, and then run the mile home. I have successfully done this for a week. It has made me feel so very accomplished and sore. It has also contributed to a decrease in stress but a lack of time for other things. One step at a time though. When I do find my balance I will work on incorporating meditation and Alex lead yoga sequences into my routine. But for now I am going to relish in my sore body and know that I am heading in the right direction.

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