In case you haven't noticed there is a common theme on the blog these days and that is getting my life together. This is how I like to tackle things, all at once. New Year, eat better, workout, work on mental aspect, oh and now tackle a better way to organize your life and blog.

I have a small obsession with organization/office supplies. OK, maybe not small, I love it. I am not one you would ever imagine would be organized especially by looking at my house sometimes. However, there is something that gets me excited, I mean really excited, about being organzied. There are so many good looking options to make it happen. Endless possibilities that can add such character to a desk/space/room. I try to keep my small desk organized but end up carrying my things onto every surface of the house. Which brings me to the point, I want to make our home more organized. I am going to take our little house from one that is slightly chaotic to one that is a place we can relax and decompress and have people come hang out anytime.

It is a lot harder when there is new dog hair on the floor every other day. As you can see, I have some work to do. And with all the things I am currently trying to tackle I am not sure how I am going to get it all done. I like to think of this as prepping myself for a future with kids where it will be infinitely harder to get anything done. Consider myself prepped!*
*I kid. Watching my parents and other parents I know it is impossible.

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