Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms.


Theodore takes up a lot of space these days. We let him. Anything to make him more comfortable. He sometimes makes this horrible wheezing noise. I can't sleep when he does that. I lie by his face and pet him. Quietly whispering all the things I love about him. Reciting all the crazy songs, random factoids, and general affectionate terms I have called him over the last couple of years. Alex sleeps right through. We take turns sleeping in our bed now while the other takes the guest bedroom. Ted duty. I cry a lot. Mostly because I feel so helpless. I want him to live forever but not like this. Yet he keeps trucking. Far surpassing everyone's expectations. There is good though. Nub wiggles most mornings. Always excited for food and treats. Occasional kisses. Cuddling.  He wants to be by my side. He comes looking for me if I wander. He trotted outside today. He hasn't trotted in over a month. Small victories. Good moments. Worth every minute.

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