Adventure is Out There.


Alex and I are official Chattanoogians. If that is what they are called. We packed up our things, poorly I might add (thanks Mom and Dad, forever indebted to you),and moved from the great state of Texas to Chattanooga, Tennessee a week and a half ago. I'm still stressed out about something's, mainly finding a job, but the wonderful thing is how at home I feel. Maybe it is because I have Alex, Theodore, Dax, Kidipus and Scalytail or it could be because we found a city that we both really loved. Either way I am so very happy we are here.

It was a long road to make this happen and one that I plan to chronicle soon. From finding what city to move too, losing a job, finding a job, saving money, finding a place to live, dealing with packing, renovating of our old rental, and my dogs health declining there will be many things to rehash.

I'm curious though, what is it like for others when they move? How do they decide where to move to? What steps do they follow? Were they homesick? I would love to know how others move so seamlessly, at least it appears that way to me.

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