Looking Forward.


Feeling sluggish, worn down, tired, and unmotivated was typically how I felt in Fort Worth. Mainly because I was in a rut. Being a native Fort Worthian I became complacent. I didn't take advantage of all the great things it had to offer because in my mind I had been there and done that. Terrible attitude and one that I am trying to learn from.

I talked about moving for a little over four years. At first it was Portland, Oregon because it offered an abundance of outdoor opportunities. I could picture myself living outside with my dog. Taking hikes, hitting the parks, and brunching on patios. I believe it was my mother who might have hinted at the unusually large hipster crowd that had me double guessing. Am I the hipster type? I know this is a huge generalization. Not everyone that lives in Portland is a hipster but it made me really take a closer look at what the city had to offer. The thought of moving was put on the back-burner. Fast-forward a bit to a chance encounter on a Frisbee field where I saw a great looking "soccer player*" who like me had drifted over to Ultimate. A native New Yorker in the South who loved the mountains and me. Once again a move was put into the mix. This time it happened.

Now we are half way between our families trying to navigate a new city and sketch out a rough draft of our future. One that continues to push us to explore Chattanooga, work towards our passions, focus on spending more time outdoors hiking mountains, camping, pursuing new sports, and developing Alex and I into the people we want to be. It hasn't been easy but I am enjoying new challenges and am excited for the first time, in a long time, as to what is to come.

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