The Upcoming Season.


Can I just take a minute to say how thrilled I am that fall is right around the corner. Or that we will actually be able to enjoy the season itself for once. It's as exciting as getting new office supplies. Maybe that is just me though. Besides the leaves and the cooler weather, I love the clothing you get to wear. Please take a minute to swoon with me over my Pinterest finds:

I also just came across the draft below that I was going to post back in March. Funny the difference a few months can make.

The weather in Texas has been a bit crazy lately. In the last week and a half we have had a total of 3 1/2 snow days on different days not back to back. This has resulted in some serious mixed feeling leaving me an emotional basket case. I find that being cooped up in a house with not a lot to do is a bit stressful. There is only so much cleaning, Netflix/TV watching and napping that can be done. While I love having a little bit of snow and some days off work I am so very ready for spring. It's March, you here me weather!?! March! I demand a little bit of sunshine so I can get back to running, working out and kicking the soccer ball. I should include some dog park runs for our dogs. Until then, I will try desperately to crawl out of this funk that I seem to have landed in.

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