The Current Situation.


I find myself stuck between tackling everything that needs to be done and feeling too overwhelmed to do anything at all. Unfortunately, Alex is too overworked with work and school that most days he is too exhausted to do much. Yet there are things that need to get done and defaulting to my "I'm just going to curl up in a ball" plan isn't an option.

In order to get some semblance of calm and routine I am applying my love of office supplies and organization to our home life. With Alex starting up his own woodworking business and my own goals being pushed to the side we need to figure out a way to get everything we want accomplished. Today we start making our lists; lists of what we want, prioritized, and lists of things we are going to accomplish each day, no matter how small. Each morning we will wake up and see our board, our goals and our daily to-do's, hopefully, leaving us feeling less overwhelmed and more capable of succeeding.

*I'd like to apologize for the above photo, I know it is sub par.

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