Calf Problems.


My body has simply started falling apart, again. At first, it was just minor annoyances in my calves that has since turned into a painful struggle to play sports, run, and walk. This isn't something entirely new. When I played college soccer I was diagnosed, my freshman year, with something called exercise induced compartment syndrome. I had surgery and did my rehab and boom was able to get back to playing.

Now almost seven years later I am struggling with the same kind of problems. I am not as young as I once was but I am not exactly old either. My calves have forced me to realize I really do need to start taking better care of my body because this is the only one I have. So calves, I hear you. I am not playing soccer for a while, I am cutting back on running, I am trying new sports, I am going to physical therapy to help you get better, I am trying so please take it a little easier on me.

The other parts of my body.

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