Favorite Time of Year


I am in love with Fall! The weather, cute clothes, the holidays and the general ambiance that surrounds this time of year. Unfortunately, with Texas you never know when fall really has arrived. One minute it is a cool 79 degrees the next day a high of 90+ degrees. You would think after living here majority of my life I would have adjusted.

Instead of taking advantage of the somewhat non existent beautiful weather I have been spending my time on puppy duty and playing catch up. I got one boxer potentially adopt and off to his new home only to have my parents go out of town and my brother work the whole weekend. This leaves me inheriting my brothers two little dogs. Safe to say a house is not a home with anything less than four dogs. I think the minute I decided to foster I became "that crazy dog lady". Oh well.

Here is to the coming of fall. May you be long, perfect and have healing powers. I would love to start taking advantage of perfect running weather, walking the dog weather, carving pumpkins, hot tea by a fake fire, and being happy to have a seriously warm bed.

*picture from pinterest

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