"Sometimes You Just Do Things."


Who would run for fun? How is running fun?

Ultramarathons, you have caught my attention. 

I recently read Eat and Run by Scott Jurek. Need I say more? Fine. My curiosity with ultramarathons started when I read Born to Run for book club but I think what put it over the top was Eat and Run. As an athlete, running was always used as a form of punishment, which I guess in a twisted round about way it is. However, until reading these two books running was something I was never anxious or excited to do (excluding my childhood). Now all I want to do is to run and test my own limits, thanks Scott.

Besides the point, it put a series of questions in my head. What do you want to do? What are your limits? What would you like to achieve? Why should I eat healthy? Why should I run? Simply put, Why?

I might not have the answers now and I may never but these books taught me a few things:
1.  Test your limits.
2. Live a heathy lifestyle.
3. Suck it up.
4. Sometimes you just do things.

While I don't personally think I will run an ultramarathon these books made me realize you need to dream BIG. With dedication, commitment, practice, tough mentality, and a lot little-bit of crazy you can pretty much do anything you want to do and even end up surprising yourself.

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