Vegas, Sahara and Possibly a Southern Kind of Weekend.


I got back from Vegas last Friday and spent the whole weekend vegged out at home with my puppies. It was fantastic. Vegas was a bit more fun this time around. I got to see an old friend who happened to be my old athletic trainer in college as well. He had this kickass suite at the Cosmopolitan that overlooked the strip. Hung out with him and his coworkers till the wee morning hours...and then worked the whole next day. Trying to take advantage of my youth here. I only took one picture though, sorry!

Be jealous!

I got to hear from my brother Ryan in the Sahara. He finished his third day of racing and started his night racing just a little bit ago. They have a link to watch a live webcam and you can watch the people as they cross the finish line. I had it up all morning and of course when I went to lunch he decides to make it back to camp. What an asshole. I am actually incredibly proud and excited for him and what he has accomplished so far.

I know it is early in the week but I am already trying to figure out my weekend plans. Mainly because a guy I know asked me to a crawfish boil in Houston. I would need to hitch a ride with his friends which could be a tad bit awkward or a surprising fun little road trip. Kind of unsure though, I have a problem with giving off the wrong vibes and then having to say oh wait I thought we were just friends. Hoping it won't be one of those cases. I had a scare during Valentine's day when I got sent two different flower arrangements to my house. I spent the whole day worrying I would have to give the "I don't like you in that kind of way" speech. Turns out they weren't. Ridiculous, yes. Maybe I am a little overconfident in thinking that every guy that hangs out with me wants to date me. So maybe I should go and let loose a little. We shall see.

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