A Few Things About Me (MCCG).


I realized I have been a pretty terrible blogger but it is hard to keep this updated with everything that is going on in my life. SO.... I decided I would share ten little bits about me and my life. 
  1. My name is Margaret Caitlin Claire Gallagher. I am super slightly obsessed with my name and my initials. If I could monogram everything I would. 
  2. I did ballet for 8 years of my life and loved every minute of it. If I could go back in time I would probably continue to pursue ballet.
  3. I gave up ballet for soccer. I played soccer in college and learned a lot of tough lessons through that.
  4. I had exercise induced compartment syndrome in my calves and had to have surgery. I have two scars on each legs and can be pretty self conscious about it.
  5. I love to travel. It is amazing and wonderful to learn about other cultures and incorporate some of their traditions/styles/ways of life into your own.
  6. I have three brothers. Two older and one younger. They all at one time or another were dressed up as pretty pretty princess. 
  7. I love awkward moments. Not particularly during them but after I get all smiley and giggley and wish they would happen more often. 
  8. One dream in my life is to go ghost hunting. Legit ghost hunting that is. Give me EVP's, EMF meters, thermal energy cameras...the whole shabang! *
  9. I am sarcastic and competitive. A little bit too competitive at times. But hey its all in good fun....right?
  10. I am terrified of jellyfish. Didn't even realize I had this phobia till I was in the water during a vacation to the Bahamas. Picture me snorkeling, while everyone is looking at fish, I am on jellyfish alert. Then they would hear me scream under water turn around and see me hightailing it back to the beach. I, however, held a jellyfish (none stinging) in Thailand. I am all about somewhat facing my fears.
*I am scared shitless of ghosts/dark scary spaces and know the minute I heard anything I would be kicking, screaming, cussing and running.

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