The Art of Catfishing


After college how are you supposed to meet people?

  • Move back to your hometown and hang out with friends from highschool and their new friends
  • Work for a company with people your age
  • Join activities or groups and intermingle that way
  • Go out 
  • Online
It is a lot harder than I realized. College was filled with people your age all of whom were doing similar things than you. Like going to school, playing sports and having fun. Someone I know, who shall remain anonymous, and no it is not me, met someone on She was pretty, had a kickass name, and their personalities seemed to click. However, they haven't met yet. She seems to always have some big life events that prevent them from meeting. 

Constant rescheduling has lead me to believe she is not who she says she is. On top of which she is not on any social media which makes it incredibly hard to find out if he is being catfished.

Catfish Evidence
Repeat of photos
Hard to believe job
Always cancelling meetups

Has anyone had any experiences like this? 

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