Movie Oracle.


This is not something to brag about BUT seeing as I think it is awesome slightly cool I will let you in on a secret. I am what some (my brother) would call a movie oracle. What makes one a movie oracle? Great question! A Movie Oracle: one that is observant and can foresee the outcome/ future plot lines in a film.

Random maybe but for some reason it feels like most movies are repeats of things that have played out in my mind already or problems to be solved. Instead of just sitting back and letting the movie play out I analyze constantly looking for details that will carry on throughout. Arrested Development really helped hone this skill.

I once predicted the whole plot of a movie based on the back summary read aloud by my cousin.

If you are looking for a good movie or are wanting to know if its worth a watch just let me know the title. I will do a quick read of the summary and let you know.

Could I have just found my niche?

Last movie watch:

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