I never would have thought that finding my niche would be so damn difficult. I'd like to go on the record saying that I have yet to find it but I am still actively pursuing it. I am curious to know how other people found theirs, when they found it and how they knew they had? Is it a feeling? Is it something you stumble upon? Or did life events all lead you to this moment?

Maybe I'll never find it but I am kind of tired of going through the motions of life. Yes, there are times when my life is extremely memorable and is filled with happiness and laughter and others that are the exact opposite. I understand that life can't be filled with these moments all the time but I do want to have some drive. Until I find it, I will continue to push myself into learning new things and force myself into more awkward situations.

Side note: I love awkward moments. I think I was more awkward when I was younger but I didn't realize at the time how awkward I really was. And by that I mean how BADASS I was. Really regret not holding onto the spectacles below.

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