Competitive Edge.


I would like to think of myself as a good sport but since I can remember I have always been a pretty sore loser. In ballet I always wanted the best roles, I was driven and would work extremely hard to accomplish some of those roles. Like Clara in the Nutcracker:

Picked to dance in Mozartiana with  Susan Jaffe: (I am the one staring at Susan Jaffe dancing when I should be looking like the other dancers)

Wanting to come in first at our annual Schiliterbahn Raging River Tube Shoot:

When I first started out in soccer wanting to score every goal imaginable:

Coming in second place every year in state, hitting the cross bar more than anyone EVER:

And then pushing myself to get a college soccer scholarship where I would only be almost average compared to my teammates:

Now that I am in the working world I play sports for "recreation" and I constantly find myself walking the line between fun and competitiveness  I think it is a family trait seeing as my almost 90 year old grandma complains about all the "old people" that can't bowl. However, I think maybe by the time I am 30 I will be able to lose at a sport and not have a bitter taste in my mouth and NOT feel the urge to want to beat some people up.

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