Mother's Day.


I was voluntold to have mother's day at my house this past Sunday. I invited my mom's parents, my parents, my brothers and their girlfriends over to celebrate. Unfortunately, I had two indoor soccer games that day so I had to prep the night before for everyones arrival. When I arrived home after my first game everyone was at my house eating and hanging out. I had enough time to help make paninis and play a couple of hands of sequence before heading out to my next game. Despite my lack of presence my mom told me she had a lovely day and I am glad because she deserves it. My parents recently went to France for two and a half weeks and they left me in charge. I never knew how much my mom did and continues to do for our family, especially my brothers until she was out of the country. I would like to point out we are all over the age of 23. Let me just say Mom, my hat is tipped to you. Thanks for raising all of us hoodlums which isn't an easy feat when you combine you and dads personalities and get us. Love you immensely!

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