Let me start out by being honest. I met a guy. A pretty hot guy and I panicked. I got nervous he might google me and somehow stumble upon this measly little blog and then before we had a chance to start we would be over. Terrible reason to ditch but I was embarrassed. Embarrassed by my writing, the fact that I don't have any followers, and pretty much everything I blog about. I am at the age where I shouldn't care what others think as much and I should be comfortable with who I am. But let's be honest I am not quite there yet . With that said let me apologize, more to myself, for bailing on something that I didn't give the chance to grow.

While I am starting the somewhat New Year attempting to blog again, I want my focus to be on a more balanced life. A life that can include work, time with dogs, socializing, activities, hobbies, pursuing passions, traveling, time with friends, and time with my family and boyfriend - the people that I love most. So bring it on 2014, I have a feeling this year is going to be a game changer.

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