Settling In.


It's easy to settle in with the day in and day out routine. Days start blending together and the next thing you know a lot of time has passed you by. Once a couple of my really good friends moved away I realized I needed to get out there and meet more people and really throw myself into some new activities. It became a transition period in my life one where I was being extremely social, staying up late, and playing a lot of ultimate. This was just a tipping point.

Another shift in my life started happening the day my current boyfriend came into sight. I am sure it happens to everyone. You start to try and look nicer, come off smarter, show off your skills and manage to not look like a complete doofus. Let's just say I had all the classic signs of someone who has fallen under the spell of a major crush. Good news for me is that I landed him and ever since I have been attempting to settle into a very new and different routine. One that incorporates his schedule and mine, his eating habits and my eating habits, his tastes and my tastes, his positive outlook and my "realistic" outlook, his passions/ambitions/goals in life and my own aspirations and both of our excitement to travel and build a cabin near the mountains. On top of this maintaining our own self identity and a social life.

Now this new normal is beginning to feel comfortable and while, to me, it may appear some things have stayed the same everything is slightly different and I love it.

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