The Good Life.


This week was spent living the good life working. In between working I got to spend some time with my brother, Ryan, and downing a couple beers with some friends. While last week was spent worrying this week was about playing catch up. Trying to get my house clean, getting back into my routine, and finding some time to relax. It should have been easy but Bijoux keeps peeing on the bed at night and in the house during the day, you can just call her Miles Davis. The good news here is that it is the weekend and that will give me time to get my shit together before I leave for Vegas on Monday for work.

As for my 60 day challenge, I ate pretty damn healthy this week. We had our last bowling league game Monday night, went to Ballet on Tuesday, where I proceeded to get owned, Wednesday night was two hours of Ultimate Frisbee and last night was spent watching HIMYM with the doors open while the thunderstorm rolled through. All in all not too shabby of a week.

*I am so not west coast more east coast but who really gives a shit, it's a good song.

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