Oh, that tree will die. It's dead.


I guess this should be a post on Mother's Day and how wonderful it was and how great my mom is. While both of those are true, I am dedicating this post to my family and drinking. My family gathers and these gatherings usually involve alcohol and a ton of laughter as well as some friendly debating. Last Friday, one of my Aunt's and Uncle's came in town so we gathered at my other Aunt's newly purchased place to hang out. The wine was opened, the Chik-fil-a nuggets were set out to be eaten, and the beginning conversations of catching up began. Many bottles later, after some fun of "what kind of tree is that?" everyone began to go there separate ways but not before a beautiful concept was brought about.


Just wait for it.

I am hoping to put a bit of a Cindy Hampton approach to it. Don't know who that is. Well all in due time, my friends.

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