The Story of Cindy Hampton


Cindy Hampton is fictional.

She used to work with my brother at his old job. Cindy was never around and wasn't very good at doing her job. There were many times she didn't pass on information. Needless to say she was a less than stellar employee and became a very funny inside joke.

Last year my brother ran in the Marathon Des Sables. During his run you could email contestants and when/if they had the time they would email you back. Seeing as this is an extreme race, emails are something every contestant looks forward to. When I received the following two emails from my brother with specific instructions I began to take on a new persona.

Painfully and slowly I emailed each competitor daily. Tactfully plugging in tidbits about each leg of the race and the whoreyness of the character these tent-mates had created . Needless to say it was a success and one in which my brother is so very oddly proud of me for. 

And that my friends, is how Cindy Hampton became real.

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