Blogging. Not Blogging. Repeat


This seems to be the reoccurring theme. In my many attempts to get my shit together something is always being neglected or pushed to the side. The easiest thing to do is stop writing and put my energy or lack of energy for that matter into other things. So, here I am attempting to give this another go. I don't want to bore my nonexistent audience with a forced effort to produce content everyday. I want to feel inspired to write and have something entertaining for my brother, my one steadfast follower, to read. But life happens and sometimes, majority of the time, it is boring and mundane. The daily grind. There is beauty in it though. One that only when I step back and reflect do I see it.

But for now here is what my world entails:
Cleaning my ever dirty house
Yard/Garden work
Alex moving in, in July
Competitive Ultimate Frisbee season starting
*Four hour practices
Vacation Planning
Work (Never ending)
Trying to get back to ballet

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