Holy Sh*t.


The USA plays Ghana this afternoon and my excitement and anticipation is off the charts. Work,  what is that?  Kidding. It can't be ignored, bummer. 

The World Cup has been consuming Alex and my life since last Thursday.  We have been doing a lot of this till we can watch the games. But man it has been great so far. Alex doesn't know too much about soccer and there is something so incredibly fun about explaining one of your hobbies and passions to someone and seeing them get into it just as much as you. We might be on the verge of a obsession. We picked back up teams which makes me feel guilty even as I write this but the USA is still number 1! We just want to be into the world cup participating for as long as possible. Hopefully with the U.S. if not either Argentina or Germany.

On another note, there is some serious envy going on. These guys make it look so easy it hurts my heart. If only. I would have loved to play like that. Guess I should put on the cleats, join a team and start working at it again. Until then you can find me glued to the TV shouting with the best of them. 

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