Ultimate Frisbee


It's started. Ultimate Frisbee club season is officially in progress. That means four hour practices on Saturday and two and a half hour practices on Tuesday. In about two weeks I will have a tournament almost every other weekend. This doesn't include the conditioning and training that goes on unofficially during the rest of the week. Insane? Just a bit. 

It's taken a lot to get my head in the right place this year. Last year was my first year playing competitive and there was an abundance of good things that came from it. Mostly the friendships I made. This year I have a boyfriend and a sick dog and ballet classes that now keep getting pushed to the side. I'm struggling to put forth the dedication my team deserves to make there/our goals come true and having, well, a life. 

I don't want to go into a lot of explaining but I found out I will be playing "O" line this year.  There are two lines, offensive line,  "O" line, and defensive line,  "D" line. Last year I played "D" line. There is this pressure now to catch everything and score every time I step on the field. The Offensive Captain has every confidence in me but I can't help but pile on more pressure.  I don't want to be the reason my team fails. 

Unfortunately I can't just shrug it off and say "its just a sport, no one cares" because all my other teammates care. They want to go to nationals and if I don't get my head right and step up and buy into it then I'll be letting them down. So,  here is to killing it at ultimate these next three months. A little hard work and commitment never killed anyone... but it did get them injured. *knock on wood*

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