Have Bags, Will Travel


I am what you might call an avid traveler. My motto (that I inherited from my mother) is "Have Bags, Will Travel." I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel to many places starting when I was in the 8th grade. I have traveled across most of the U.S. and have been to Europe five times. I am always planning my next trip/adventure. Thus my schedule for the next six months looks something like this:

October - Las Vegas, NV (work trip)
Novemeber - Starkville, MS (visiting my Alma Mater)
Novemeber - Houston, TX (Thanksgiving with the family)
December - Chicago, IL (work event/weekend to look around)
January - Las Vegas, NV (work trip)
February - Phuket,Thailand (visiting my best friend)
March - Savannah, GA (St.Patricks Day Parade/seeing my little brother)

The funny thing I noticed throughout these trips is I am not the same person when I travel. I find that I inherit many weird new quirks. Here are just a few things that I have acquired from traveling:

  • I get annoyed with people who take forever getting through airport security. Hello - didn't you read all the signs? 
  • When traveling I find my head is always in a book. 
  • I can get you anywhere you need to go. Turns out I am a whiz with directions even if nothing is in English.
  • My translation book is always with me. I butcher attempt to speak the language and sometimes pull off sounding like a native.
  • I am freakishly organized. If you saw the everyday chaos that was my house you wouldn't think I could be so put together. 
  • I am addicted to my AAdvantage Miles. I currently have close to 100,000 miles which might be nothing to some people. I, however, think this is HUGE and am always trying to get more. 
  • I am quiet. Except for when you look like George Clooney and I have had a LOT to drink and then of course I will propose to you. 
  • I am picky about who I travel with if I get a choice. 
  • An airplane feels like a second home. 
My love of traveling leaves me running in a million directions. At some point I need to schedule a trip to see one of my friends in Oxford, MS and another in Beaver Creek, CO. Plus I am thinking about moving to the Northwest in the somewhat near future meaning I will need to plan a trip to Portland, OR. Exhausting or exciting? Take your pick. 

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