It All Comes Down to This


Lately my life has revolved around a sport that I have never really been fond of, baseball. I know it is one of Americas Great Pastimes but in all honesty there is hardly any physical contact, too much standing and in general really slow. However, my normal feelings toward baseball have changed recently.

Reason number one, going to the actual game is surprisingly fun. The beer, hot dogs and chanting with fellow fans helps create a fun atmosphere that is highly entertaining.

Reason number two, I am always a supporter of my State. Yes, it sometimes can be hard when it involves the Cowboys and any college teams in Texas (seeing as I went out of state for college) but I take pride in Texas! I was born and raised here and inherited that Texas Pride, dammit.

Reason number three, the Texas Rangers are in the Word Series (again). Last years loss was tough but isn't it our turn now?

Tonight is the last night though. After this, baseball which has become a normalcy in my life, will be over.   So yes, I will be tuned into watch Game 7. Even though I was mad and upset at them for last nights game how can I not watch what could be a monumental game for our Franchise.

Go Rangers!

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