Getting a Life.


I have decided to create a life for myself. If you don't understand that statement, no worries. Most people don't get my thought process so let me explain. I have a life. It is filled with a job, ultimate frisbee, soccer, traveling, a social life and a puppy. However, I want more. With that being said I have created a list of of things I would like to do, habits that I need to break or start, and small goals to help me achieve success in my job. I want to take this list and start a routine that will lead to me having a better more well rounded life or something like that.

Early morning run. (I don't like running but I feel it helps me start the day with a clear head)

Be a cooking person. (I don't want to be a chef but I would like to make some delicious meals for friends and family)

Host dinner parties. (Entertaining people at my house and enjoying good company, sounds so grown up)

Let my nails grow out. (Attempt to find another outlet for my stress)

Polishing my skills. (Final Cut Pro, Motion and Shooting Video)

Enjoy everything Fort Worth has to offer. (Before I move to the Northwest)

Getting a hobby? Not sure what that is quite yet. Maybe I will find it this weekend.

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