In Love with the Little Things


I am finally home for a month with no plans to travel and I couldn't be more excited. This means decorating for Christmas, spoiling my dog, and getting goodies to prepare for the new year. I already started by finding my planner for 2012 on Etsy. I am obsessed with office supplies and it makes me happy being organized and put together. My planner is cute and perfect to put in my purse and take with me when I am on the go. Another goodie came about when I went to Chicago. I wanted to get a mini replica of the Bean and was saddened when I was told they didn't have anything like that. That was just unacceptable. It lead me to get on Etsy and purchase a cute silver bean shaped necklace that I will be receiving in the next few days. Got to love Etsy it has been coming in hand lately. Now if only tomorrow wasn't jammed pack with activities I would be one happy girl. Instead Frisbee starts back up, I have to attend a bridal shower, and end the evening at my company Christmas party. I am sure it will be a fun day despite all the running around. But I will be looking forward to spending Sunday at home picking up the house and relaxing for once.

The new planner I bought arrived!

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