The Bean, Chicago


Chicago, you surprised me in both a good and bad way. I recently thought of where I would like to live in the near future and you were on my list. I was excited that work presented me with the opportunity to come and have a look around. For starters, I am not a huge fan of the cold weather. You shocked me by having nicer weather than what I left and came back to in Texas and I appreciate that.  I didn't appreciate, however, that my cute furry hat got stolen or the fact someone peed in the elevator to the L train and some got on my luggage. However, despite these minor drawbacks there was a lot I did like dare I say love?  I loved your giant bean. I have had and will probably continue to have beans in my life. There was my first cat Lima Bean then my first boxer Margaret Wigglebeans and now Bijoux Beans. So you can understand why visiting the Bean was kind of a special little moment for me. I also loved Sue the T-Rex she was probably the coolest dinosaur I have ever seen. All in all Chicago, you were a ton of fun. Can't wait to come back for round two! P.S - One of our coworkers had to leave early so we took her with us via virtual pictures.

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