Once in a Blue Moon...


Most of the blogs I read these days are similar in content: fashion, food and their lives. While I like these blogs because each adds its own flare they really are far from the life I am currently living. This is the first Friday where my weekend isn't jammed pack, so how do I spend this evening? I go to Walgreen's grab a pint of Cookies and Cream ice cream, a red-box movie and head home. Once home, I pop in the movie take a few scoops of ice cream and drink the rest of an already opened bottle of red wine. Yes, you read that correctly. Even better I drank it straight out of the bottle. Now this is not my normal weekend but man it feels great to veg out. However, this doesn't need to become a thing. I am trying to get in shape and this is not the way to do it. I will now be turning to Pinterest for inspirational ways to eat healthy and motivation for workouts.

My new bean necklace :)

Now for a little Pinterest motivation.

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  1. Is that what your fridge is looking like these days? If so, you've far surpassed me in OCD levels. And...can I move in?

    P.S. Guess who?