Christmas Reviewed


Christmas was spent at my parents house just like old times. We spent the day lounging, visiting with my grandparents, playing a mean round of dominoes and ending the evening with a fabulous meal my mom made. To top it off my brother and dad checked everyone's blood pressure before they left. Long story, short version we have recently had a few incidents with high blood pressure and for some reason we decided to check everyone right then. It seems like it could become a family tradition...There was only one other bad incident and that was when my puppy and my brothers dogs got into a fight probably over all the roast they thought they were going to get. Anyways, my dog ended up biting me on accident :( which actually has turned into a pretty cool little bruise. Needless to say they had to be separated because we didn't want anything more happening with all the food around.Other than that it was a perfect little family Christmas. It's extremely rare and nice when everyone in my family can get together. I hope to have more of this time in the New Year.

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