Theodore Beans. (Ted Bear)


My dog Theodore has been going through some pretty tough times these past couple weeks. You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at him or watching him but he is on a lot of medication to get his health back up to normal. I jokingly called him “my money pit” at the vet but now that I keep receiving worse news each time we go I feel horrible I even said it. No matter how much money I spend it won’t guarantee more time with him. I think that is the hardest part, the fact that I don't know how much more time I will get. I know I have given him a wonderful home this past year of his life but selfishly I want more.

When I picked him up from the animal shelter he was already an old man who looked like he had a bunch of problems heading his way. From the giant lump on his foot, the gooey stuff in his eyes and the fact he was heart worm positive, Todd as he was called, had a long ways to go. After a few months of fostering him I knew I couldn't let him go and therefore he became the second member of my family. I have watched him go from a tired and slow moving old man to a running trotting pup who wants to play and actually chased a ball. BIG MOMENTS, people. There have been so many great firsts lately and that is what I am trying to stay focused on. Check out his howl!

Todd aka Theodore before I picked him up from the Shelter

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  1. You're doing great things for him, Caitlin! Money pit or not, he's lucky to have you! :) Give that sweet boy a hug for me!