My Personality and Blogging.


My coworker and friend Lisa started blogging recently, you can see her blog here. It is exciting and refreshing to have someone I know go through the blogging experience with me. I started blogging two years ago and only in Lisa joining and being the overachiever that she is, is what has made me get my ass in gear and start writing more posts.

The thing that I struggle with is coming across as who I am IRL (I seriously cant believe I just used blogger language). I want to process and get my thoughts and personality across on this blog but I don't also want to come off as a giant bitch. Fine line, if you ask me. I can be extremely sarcastic and sometimes in writing, much like in text, things can be taken the wrong way. It all depends on how the reader interprets the words you write. Scary. Probably one of the reasons I am one for talking on the phone. Alex and I have a picture we use sometimes to let the other one know we are not sure how to take the last said statement.

Anyway, I am working harder at bringing my personality out through my posts. I have a few ideas in the works one that includes my blog title and the reason behind it. Hopefully not everyone that reads this will be offended but hey, we can't all be winners.

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  1. The real life you is pretty kick-ass, so you should definitely be her on here! Jump in with both feet and have fun! - Lisa