Ash Wednesday and Lent


Today is Ash Wednesday and the second year in a row I have made it to church to get my ashes. That is an accomplishment and one I am proud of. The typical custom during lent is to give something up. These past couple years I have combined the act of giving something up with adding something of value to my everyday routine. The hardest part of this process is picking something that will force me to make a change and challenge me to be aware of my time and what I am giving up/implementing during this lenten season.

Starting today I will no longer be cussing. Yes, if you knew me you would know I have a sailors mouth. It is a horrible habit one made worse when playing sports. This is going to be extremely challenging as these words are now so effortlessly thrown into my everyday language. I am going to have to think before I speak and find better ways to communicate my thoughts and feelings. Yikes!

I am also giving up arguing with Alex and in turn making him feel bad. At some point he became like family with little things creeping up and annoying me. While I am thrilled to know I feel that comfortable and at home with him it's terrible that I let myself treat him like I do when I am annoyed with my own family. This will be a lesson in picking my battles and using my words to express myself in a way he can understand without the guilt.

As for my additions, I will be walking my dogs and running daily. Every day endorphins I could use and my dogs will love me for letting them strut. I will also be writing down three things that have gone well, I am grateful for or have made me happy each day. Positive focus and reflection.

What are you giving up this lent?

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  1. Ohhhh... I like the 3 things idea. Good luck with the challenge... you'll do great!