Last night, I wrote a blog post while watching a movie at my house. The intention was to relax and be productive at the same time. When I went back this morning to reread it before posting I was in for a surprise. There were several sentences that didn't make a lick of sense. I am not even sure how several words were typed in because they had nothing to do with the topic I was writing about. So much for multi-tasking.

I am one for doing multiple things at once in order to set-up more free time for me later. The only problem is giving a fraction of your attention to each task can, in the end, be more time consuming. I am learning, especially with my personal life, that maybe multi-tasking isn't the answer. So, I am finding new ways to focus my energy and give 100% of my attention to each task/person/thing individually before moving on.

Thanks to Cupcakes and Cashmere I came across this website where I think I will now be writing all my blogs. I can customize to my mood, put in my headphones and focus on my writing. Hopefully, this will help me be less scatter brained and more in tune with what messages, thoughts and feelings I am truly trying to get across.

What do you use to stay focused on the task at hand? Any tips or tricks for multi-tasking?

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  1. HAHA! I would like to see what was written before you proofed. :) Good luck with the new outlook.

    Lisa @