Why I Can Wait for Summer.


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I am going to be honest, I can wait for summer. Don't get me wrong I would be completely fine with summer if I was let's say in the French Riviera or Cinque Terre but I am not. I am in Texas and summers here are brutal. Fall on the other hand is my favorite season. I love the changing of the leaves, the nice weather that requires a light jacket, flannels, scarves (clothing in general during the fall) and sipping hot tea by the fire. Ok maybe I don't actually have a fireplace but it is one of the reasons I love fall. Summer, however, doesn't offer any of those pleasantries. Here are some reasons why I can wait for Summer:
  • It's Texas so it's HOT as HELL. Temperatures tend to be 90 and above with no wind and just stifling air. Pools are not even cold enough to cool you off. 
  • I sweat. Not like most people. I sweat so much that my shirts should be thrown out after a few wears. Pit stains are my enemy. No deodorant can save me.
  • Bikini's.
  • My electricity bill goes through the roof trying to keep my house cool as a safe haven from the heat.
  • I don't live near the ocean. So no cool breeze or beach to relax on all day. Plus let's face it, if I was I would spend majority of the time in the water worrying that I would be stung by a jellyfish.
  • There is no more summer break for me. I work straight through all seasons. All the kids running around enjoying their free time makes me a grouch. If only I could go back and really REALLY cherish my summer break. It is wasted on the youth, I tell you.
  • Did I mention the massive amount of sweating? It is out of control. There really is no point in trying to do your hair it just ends up wet and clinging to your face and neck. Ponytails and braids become my friends.
While I welcome summer it's mainly because winter has been way too long. So bring it summer. I am in no way prepared for you and in every way ready for you to pass on by.

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  1. heyyyy I'm in texas too!!! i always love "meeting" texas people. you're right it does get HOT. but i still love it!