Getting Outdoors.


Fort Worth has been having some pretty glorious weather lately. For those of us that live here or have lived in Texas know that when the temperature is anywhere from high 60’s to mid-80’s you get outside and take full advantage. And that is exactly what Alex and I have been doing.

One Sunday we rode along the Trinity River and used the new rent-a-bike system. Not only did we get to soak up some sun but we got an hour of just the two of us. No dogs running around vying for our attention and cellphones that go off with texts or groupme conversations. Pure bliss.

This past Saturday we got up and took the dogs to the Fort Worth Nature Center for a hike. It was overcast and cool which turned out to be the perfect weather to take the dogs for a four mile walk. No one got overheated and everyone was happy. Worn out dogs mean less entertaining and more quality down time.

Next weekend we will be canoeing down the Angelina River with my dad and a couple of his friends. I am looking forward to getting a workout in, sitting around a campfire drinking whiskey and listening to some good ol' dirty jokes.

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