Assist This.


After three years of working I am no longer a marketing assistant. As of Monday I am now a marketing specialist. What does this mean? Nothing really, I am doing the same job I was before but with a better title and at a slightly higher pay. What is even worse is I have yet to celebrate and don't know when I will get the chance because Sunday night I fly out to Vegas for work. Everyone is normally like "oh Vegas awful" in a sarcastic tone but in all seriousness I work probably from 9 am till 9-10 that night. Not a whole lot of partying for me. I am beginning to think I might be the worlds lamest 26 year old.  I promise that in the very near future I will get a life and it will be fun and hilarious! One that would make my younger college-aged self proud and maybe add some fun to this here blog. Although I did get down to 80's music pretty hardcore this past weekend. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to prove that I am usually not a stick in the mud. But I'll leave you with this video that depicts what my stellar moves looked like.

Totally kidding! It was more like this.....

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