As I have stated recently in my blog posts life isn't always wonderful and bad things happen and when they do my heart breaks as it is now for one of our close family friends. It isn't always easy to be happy and positive but somehow with the right approach things can become less terrible and almost bare-able.

Happiness is something I have been working at a lot lately. My general demeanor is usually not a positive one but it's also not a negative one. I would venture to say I have a realistic approach which seems most times to end up looking negative.

At the beginning of this year I started faking a positive attitude. Eventually, I am not sure when, I just realized it had worked. I have become happier and developed a more positive attitude. Don't get me wrong I am still the same sarcastic person with a sense of the real world approach to life but now with a twist.

Who knows this sense of happiness could be do to the fact that I joined 3 soccer teams and a ultimate frisbee league and a kickball team and am starting to feel like my old self again. Or it could be that I am now looking at situations and trying to make the best of what has been laid before me. Whatever the case I feel like I am in a good place now. A place where I am able to deal with whatever comes my way and still see a light on the horizon.

Reading some of the other bloggers out there that I love makes it easier too. Some of them have incredible ways of looking at life and I really admire them for it. Plus it helps that I have sort of gotten my family on board with this whole approach. Support matters and I am thankful and grateful I have that in my life.

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