Hair Problems.


After accidentally missing last Saturdays 8 a.m. hair appointment, I am incredibly excited and hopeful that I can make tomorrows 9 a.m. one.  I refuse to take full responsibility for last weeks miss though. It was my foster dogs fault, Tilly. I have come to rely on her for my wake up call which will put me in an incredibly shitty situation in the future when she finds her real home(permanent forever home). I will probably cry like a baby because I miss her and be pissed at the same time because now I will have to set my alarm. Besides the point. I would say everyday normally Tilly wakes me up every morning at around 6:30 - 7:00 a.m. with loud and excessive growling and barking. She wants me to get up because...HELLO she needs to use the restroom and it's time to eat. But last Saturday when it was crucial that I wake up, what does she decide to do? Sleep in. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?! I can't. I casually woke up and rolled over to look at my phone and when it said 8:20 I was in utter disbelief. The whole point of this story is I get to have a redo and attempt to get my hair colored tomorrow. Now my next predicament, if I make it to my appointment, is what color. Thoughts?

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