Sports, Drinks and Tilly


I think I may have slightly overdone it with the amount of activities I have signed up for. Sunday I had two indoor soccer games we won one and lost one. Monday I started ultimate frisbee and we had no female subs so I played for two hours then I had to go play an outdoor soccer game. Get this after the game I got asked to join another soccer team. Oh and Wednesday I had kickball. I need to learn how to say no and not feel incredibly guilty. If I keep this up there will be little down time and a whole lot of sports...I mean if I only I wasn't such an incredible athlete. 

I am squeezinge in a little fun like drinks and dinner with friends while still managing to have a mini melt down this week. The rescue I foster and volunteer for called, long story, but I thought I was going to have to rehome Tilly and take in two new boxers. I guess I hadn't realized how attached I had grown to my little pack. I am happy to report that she will be staying with me a while longer though. 

In honor of Miss Tilly, below is a picture of me doing "the Tilly" as my family calls it. She is one special little doggy.


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