Traveling, I love it and I hate it these days. Now maybe it might be a little better to categorize my travels, after all, I am sure some would agree that traveling for work is a bit different than traveling for pleasure. Let me break down the pros and cons of both.

Pros of work travel

  1. I don't spend my own money
  2. I sometimes get to go to new places
  3. A mini vacation from my normal routine
Cons of work travel
  1. I get out of my really great home routines
  2. Sometimes the beds aren't all that great
  3. I miss my dogs
  4. It's harder to get work things done from a distance
  5. Oh and your working while on this fake mini vacation
Pros of traveling for pleasure
  1. It's always somewhere I want to be
  2. It can be relaxing
  3. Letting loose 
  4. Seeing and experiencing the place you are in
  5. Soaking up new culture
  6. Sightseeing
Cons of traveling for pleasure
  1. Miss my dogs
Currently most of my travel has been for work. However, my great vacation to Macchu Pichu has been postponed so what am I to look forward to? The Kentukcy Derby with some of my favorite people, Mary Catherine and Patrick, and maybe a few smaller vacations around the good Ol' U.S of A. I say this now but with how things have been shaking out lately my new set of plans might change. Las Vegas for work next week is a go though.

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