Aged with a Sleep Mask.


There was one thing I wanted for Christmas. I blatantly told Alex a few times what exactly it was that I wanted, a sleep mask. I have a hard time sleeping at night now if there are lights on, which is a complete 180 from how I used to sleep which was with the TV or some light or noise on. And seeing how Alex sometimes stays up a little later than me playing video games, watching a movie, or reading up on woodworking I figured I might try a sleep mask. I found a few ones I liked and showed them to Alex to give him an idea of what I was wanting. I ended up getting one but it was from my mom. I was thrilled and surprised since I hadn't told her it was something I wanted. I have worn it every night since.

Lately, I have noticed a lot of changes like my sleep mask. For example, I used to really love wearing heels but now I have developed a deep appreciation and love for flats. I have never really enjoyed cooking either but now I love the fact that I can create a delicious meal based on my cravings that is not only healthy but fits within my budget. I also find that I actually thoroughly enjoy spending time with my parents and talking about really abstract and random things. It is fun to see who I align with more. I know that as I get older more changes are bound to happen but it feels as if these changes happened all at once. Overwhelming and surprising but welcomed none the less.

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